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Welcome to our new blog! This blog is “by writers for writers”, which is also the motto of our annual Dubbo Writers’ Festival, also run by the Outback Writers’ Centre.

So why have we started to blog?

Firstly, this will be an online space for our members to share their writing with a wider audience. As such, this blog is the new format for the newsletter of the Outback Writers’ Centre (OWC).

Secondly, we will have information on this blog about upcoming events for writers being run by the OWC.

Finally, we hope to share information and links about writing that may be of interest to our members and other writers.

If you are a current financial member of the Outback Writers’ Centre and you wish to submit your writing for consideration, please conform to the following:

* for prose - including short stories, flash fiction, anecdotes, non-fiction, reviews or inspiration for the writing life - no more than 600 words;

* for poetry - line limit equal to not more than two (2) A4 pages.

Please also include a short bio of no more than 200 words. You might include your inspiration for the piece you are submitting, what sorts of works you usually write, why you write, any publications or performances of your work and/ or your writing aspirations. Include links to your online presence if you have one (for example, a website or social media presence).

Items for the blog can be submitted to our Blog Manager via email. Please include the words “Blog item” in the subject of your email.

Please note that you must be a current financial member of the Outback Writers’ Centre to have your work highlighted in this blog. If you are not a current financial member, you can join online by following the link below. Membership is $30 for the financial year (July-June).

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