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42 by Lee Robinson


As I sit and ponder

The meaning of life I wonder

The purpose of our existence

My mind offers no assistance

Thoughts run wild and get stuck in my head

Exhausted and drained, I drift off to bed

Suddenly I awaken from my slumber

It has come to me in the form of a number

Just like that, out of the blue

Life’s meaning is forty-two

About the poet

For the inaugural Dubbo Writers’ Festival Cup in 2022, Lee Robinson wanted to write something short and geeky that would capture the attention of our judge. Lee turned 42 this year and decided to try his comical thread in a poem. He certainly succeeded!

Lee enjoys writing fiction pieces (short stories or plays) with a dry comical theme. He loves the spirit of adventure and this reflects in his stories. He enjoys creating stories and fun fictional pieces and find it a great way to relax and escape away for a while. Lee also enjoys writing about the LGBTIQ experience in today's society.

Lee has had multiple plays performed in Dubbo, Mudgee, Sydney and Bathurst and has also published short stories for ABC Open. He hopes to have one of his full length plays performed nationally in front of a large audience. And he would like to finish his novel one day!

The book Fairy Tale by Stephen King is Lee’s favourite book of the past year and it kept him turning the pages well into the night.​

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